Keaton Makki

Beginners Coach

Coach Keaton offers beginner coaching in:

  • American - General

  • British Standard (Estuary)

  • British - Regional (Northern, Scottish, Northern Irish, Cornish)


  • On-going Sessions for Beginners ~ Perfect for strong English speakers who seek to improve their understandability and grammar. Sessions can happen bi-weekly, weekly or every other week.

  • Accent Assessment ~ Do you want to know which sounds you have more challenges with? Book a 75-minute Accent Assessment and find out which sounds you need to work on the most, so you can practice them after your Assessment.

  • Audition and Speech Coaching ~ Need 1-4 sessions for a quick audition or speech? Click on Book Your Coach below to select a time from our calendar.  (Recommended: average time for mastering an accent for a scene is 3 sessions).


Keaton is an award-winning English actor, winning the first Cannes in a Van award for Best Actor in Speechless.  The film was also long-listed by BAFTA for best short film.

As an accomplished Voice Actor, he has recorded TV and Radio ads for Emirates, Jaguar Land Rover, Infiniti and Kinder.  He also narrated a documentary for the Olympics in 2016.

Keaton at IMDB.


** ALL STUDENTS receive a FREE VIDEO of each session, to review on any device **

* The class will be held via Skype or Zoom.