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Isabella Gamez

Beginner and Intermediate Coach

Coach Isabella offers coaching in:

  • American - General

  • Mexican accent (in Spanish and English) **(English for Latine-identifying people only)

  • Spanish conversation classes

  • Accent Assessment ~ Do you want to know which sounds you have more challenges with? Book a 75-minute Accent Assessment and find out which sounds you need to work on the most, so you can practice them after your Assessment.

  • On-going Sessions ~ For those who have the time and are willing to put in all the daily and weekly work that is required to learn an accent. Sessions can happen bi-weekly, weekly or every other week.

  • Short-term sessions ~ Need 1-4 sessions for a quick audition or speech? Peruse our calendar below and send us an email to specifying your needs and your preferred time(s) and date(s). Depending on Availability, our coaches can often take short-term students. (Recommended: average time for mastering an accent for a scene is 3 sessions).

Isabella Gamez is an actress, singer, Spanish tutor and dialect coach. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Isabella moved to Los Angeles at 17 years old to take her acting career to the next step. She began teaching Spanish that same year and, over time, developed a successful tutoring business where she fell in love with the feeling of helping her students reach their language goals.

At the same time, Isabella began training to improve her General American accent and quickly became passionate about, not only the 21 Accent's method and perspective but dialect and voice work themselves. After over 2 years of constantly challenging herself to perfect her American accent, she decided to transition into coaching her passion and began dedicating her time to shadowing and learning from advanced Coach Alex Brown to become the best instructor she could be.

Her knowledge of teaching a second language, extensive experience as a singer and actress, and years of accent training have given her the right skillset to help beginner students reach their accent or Spanish fluency goals. At the same time, her passion and understanding of the process, having been a student herself, allow her to be an empathetic, patient and supportive trainer who strives to make this process comfortable and fun!



** ALL STUDENTS receive a FREE VIDEO of each session, to review on any device **

* The class will be held via Skype or Zoom.

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