Amy Walker

Coach & CEO

Coach Amy offers advanced coaching in:


  • American - California Valley

  • American - General

  • American - Midwest

  • American - New York

  • American - Various Southern

  • Australian

  • British - Cockney

  • British - RP

  • British - Standard

  • British - Yorkshire

  • French

  • German

  • Irish

  • New Zealand

  • Russian

  • Scottish

Speciality Coaching, including:

  • Acting, Public Speaking, Performance Technique:  Can also be combined with accent coaching

  • Impersonation:  Authentically embody the voice and physicality of another person.

  • Voice Over “Mouth Noise” Reduction: Vastly reduce the sound of pops and clicks, with Amy’s game-changing techniques.

  • The Full-Spectrum Voice: Open to your fullest authentic expression, for your singing, and/or speaking freedom and joy! This is incredibly deep and healing work, for those ready to unlock their full potential.

  • Advanced Accent Polishing: Perfect your accent for that high-profile speech, role, or promotion

  • 70-min Accent Assessment: Get a thorough assessment of where you are in your accent journey, with tips, tools and advice for the next steps.


Ask about other accents as Amy is always adding to her repertoire.


After the viral success of her 21 Accents video in 2008, Amy Walker began offering free video tips on YouTube and coaching students around the globe through private sessions and workshops, with exceptional results.


Over the years, Amy has developed methods that are unique in the world, with multi-sensory, fun techniques that are adaptable to all learning styles. Even people who’ve worked with expensive coaches for years find that Amy’s approach helps them learn faster, with effective precision that helps them excel in business, acting, and their personal lives.

Amy is continuously deepening and honing her craft, with empowering methods for identifying and transforming blocks that have inhibited one's ability to express their whole being freely, in the ways they're called. She loves geeking out about the fun, detailed technical skills needed for accents, acting and performing and effective, authentic communication.


She brings everything she is and has cultivated into every session, to support you in the most optimal ways.

With over 40 million views online, the success of her work and videos landed her on the TODAY Show, NPR, Inside Edition, as Vanity Fair's Accents Expert and more.


Amy’s Acting Website:



** ALL STUDENTS receive a FREE VIDEO of each session, to review on any device **

* The class will be held via Zoom. You will receive a link for the session from Amy prior to the session.